Use your Android Mobile Camera as a Web Cam


Use your Android Mobile Camera as a Web Cam


Required Softwares/Hardwares

  •  Android Mobile With a camera and android 2.3.5 or latter
  • Your mobile USB driver or PC suite—(find your usb driver from google)
  • Droid Cam v3.5.exe (for PC) —download it from this link–


Step 1:-

  •  You have to install usb driver of your phone (or simply install your Phone PC suite)
  •  Now turn your phone in USB debugging mode by follow this steps:-
    • Go to your phone Setting >> Application  >>  Development  >>  USB debugging (check the option)

Step 2:-

  • Now install Droid Cam v3.5.exe on your PC

Step 3:-

  •  Now on your phone install Droid Cam v3.5.3.apk

Step 4:-

  •  Now connect your phone to pc via USB cable. And check USB debugging mode.
  •  On your phone side start Droid Cam v3.5.3
  •  On your PC side start Droid Cam v3.5
  •  Now on PC Droid click on connect to Phone (USB)
  •  Now click on connect.

Hey wow!!! You connect your phone camera as a webcam you don’t need to buy any special and costly webcam now you can video chat with your friend using any messenger have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂